2018 Panto: Beauty and the Beast

We are pleased to announce that our 2018 pantomime will be Beauty and the Beast by Philip Meeks, directed by Dave Waistnidge.

A synopsis of the show and details of the characters are below. If you would like to be involved, just drop us a line at [email protected] – we will also need lots of backstage help (make-up, props, set, costume, chaperones etc) for this ambitious panto. 

A read through and auditions will be held during September 2017.

Beauty and the Beast: Synopsis
When Fairy Bon-Bon and the Demon Diablo clash, selfish Pierre is transformed from a dashing Prince into a terrible Beast.  Not only that, but Diablo and Bon-Bon lose their powers and are destined to become the Prince’s servants. To break the curse Pierre must fall in love before the last petal on a magical rose falls. But who could ever love such a monster?
Enter feisty Belle Baguette from the nearby town of Jolie Ville. With her father the Professor and her zany neighbours Dame Fifi the schoolteacher and her son Bertie the onion seller, she finds herself trapped in the Castle of the Beast where the cups and saucers speak and the furniture can dance.  When Belle stands up to the Beast their friendship grows.  But danger lurks in the form of the dastardly mayoress of Jolie Ville, Camilla Parker-Bike.  She intends to find Bon Bon’s missing magic wand and claim the Beasts kingdom for herself.
Will the Beast melt Belle’s heart? Will the Queen of the Imps ever get to sing her song? And will Dame Fifi manage to control her pupils without a trip to Specsavers?

Beauty and the Beast: Cast
Madame Bon-Bon: A fairy who’s lost her wayFMeans well but desperate to get her powers back
Mr Diablo: A former Demon King
MDoesn’t mean well, but also desperate to get his (evil) powers back
Prince Pierre: The eponymous Beast MNeeds to be able to sing and act (now there’s a surprise). A debonair fellow really
Professor Baguette: An inventor MNutty, Einstein-like character
Belle: His clever daughter FYou gotta be able to sing and dance your way into the Beast’s (and audience’s) heart
Dame Fifi Latrine: Jolie Ville’s TeacherMThe Dame!
Bertie Latrine: Her onion selling sonMA classic sidekick
Camilla Parker-Bike: The Wicked Mayoress FA nasty piece of work
Claude: Camila’s simpering brother MSupercilious and arrogant, starts off podgy but ends up ‘smooth’
Millie/ Monster Millie:  An odd little girl/transformed FA really funny, ‘kooky’ character
Queen Oo-La-La: Queen of the Imps MAbout as nutty as the Professor
Itsy and Bitsy: Impettes M/FIn awe of Queen Oo-La-La
Spick and Span: A Pan and Brush M/FQuirky members of the Castle servants
Two Witches: Two ungrateful guestsFA cackling duo sending a shiver down your spine
Chorus of villagers, crockery, imps/impettes and assorted fairy folkM/FNeed to sing, dance and act! On stage quite a lot; bigger chorus than last year.